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Q: Can I trust you to give me a fair price for my Gold items?

A. Yes you can.


Q: What kind of gold or other jewelry do you buy?

A: Listed below are just some of the items we buy from our satisfied customers:

Class Rings
Gold pins/Brooches
Cocktail Rings
10k, 14k, 16k, 18k, 24k
Wedding Bands
Scrap Dental Gold
Cluster Rings Gold Necklaces
Gold Watches Gold Coins
Bent/Scrap Jewelry Gold Bracelets
Unmatched Gold Earrings Gold Medals
Items with missing stones Charms
Gold Pins/Brooches
Broken Gold Chains and other jewelry
Scrap Dental Gold
Sterling Silver


Q: What if I'm not sure something is made of gold?

A: You can bring us anything that looks like it's made of or has gold. Our staff will determine whether they are actually gold and pay accordingly. If the items are not gold, they will be computed as gold-filled material and yield fractional amounts, which you will also be paid for. Click here to read our easy-to-understand "PURITY OF GOLD SECTION" at the bottom of this page.


Q: What is the price of Gold?

A. The price of Gold and other precious metals fluctuate daily based on trading in international markets. When we evaluate an item for payment, we use the "spot Gold price" as of 9AM PST on that day. You can always see the current spot price of Gold, Silver, and Platinum on our floating price chart; look to the right.


The purity of Gold

In the United States the purity of gold is designated by karat. Pure gold is 24k, but because of its softness, it is not suitable for making jewelry. Other metals such as copper, silver, nickel, and zinc are added to gold to strengthen it. What is added and how much is added determine the color and karat of the gold.

To make this easier to understand, let's take an imaginary ring and examine it. The color of the metal is immediately apparent. Gold comes in several colors, but let's pretend that this ring is pink gold. Inside the ring is stamped 10k. What do these things tell us? First, that the gold was mixed with copper, silver and zinc to make yellow gold. The pink look was achieved by using a larger quantity of copper. The 10k mark assures that 41.67% of the metal is pure gold, and the other 58.33% is copper, silver and zinc. It also indicates that the piece was made in the United States. (other countries do not use 10k). A 14k stamping would mean that the ring contained 58.33% gold and 41.67% other metals. If the ring was marked 18k, it would contain 75% pure gold and 25% other metals.

In Europe, gold is stamped according to its fineness. Pure gold is 1000 fine; 18k gold is 75% or 750 fine. Consequently, an 18k ring made in Europe would be stamped 750. Below is a chart of the most common karat markings.

US / Karats % of Gold Fineness
24k 100% 1000
22k 91.60% 916
18k 75.00% 750
14k 58.33% 583
10k 41.67% 417
9k 37.50% 375
8k 33.30% 333

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