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$17.21 /oz

$949.98 /oz

It has never been easier to sell scrap jewelry to raise some much needed cash. Nearly everyone has some scrap jewelry lying around the house in jewelry boxes, drawers and cabinets. This forgotten jewelry just may be a buried treasure in your home, just waiting to be found. Our easy cash for gold system allows you to make some fast cash by selling jewelry without every leaving the house.

The transaction is completed entirely through the mail. Start by requesting a free Pay Day PAK by filling out the online request form on our website. We'll send the package right away, so keep gathering that jewelry. The Pay Day PAK is a tamper resistant, postage paid envelope designed to send jewelry through the mail. Each package is insured for up to $100.

When the Pay Day PAK arrives in the mail, place your scrap jewelry and old gold coins in the envelope and send it back to us. As soon as we receive the package, we will weigh your scrap jewelry and assess the total precious metal content. Based on this information, we will calculate the payment and send it quickly.

You can track the package from the time you send it to us until Joel sends your payment. Tracking your package is easy on our website using your package reference number or your name and phone number. Customers have three options for how to get paid to sell jewelry with us. We can send a check in the mail, pay you via PayPal or wire the money. The choice is yours.

I've been in jewelry stores all over Southern Cal. Never have I met more pleasant, honest and knowledgeable jewelers. I had a number of watches that needed batteries and adjusting...Joel and Lorraine treated each watch like it was a fine piece of jewelry (even the knockoffs!)...Joel fixed the ones in front of me that he could, had the rest ready the next day. They were pleasant to talk to and not pushy in any way. They have beautiful jewelry, including many of Joel's personal designs - I would highly recommend them to anybody!!
The best I have been visiting Joel at his establishment for as long as I can remember (helps that he has been there for over 25 years!!!). I have really valued my relationship with Joel because he is a genuine and fair man. As soon as I found out that he had started a website for buying gold I told all my friends who did not live in Southern California to send their gold to Joel with one of his Pay-Day Pak's. It is simple and I assured my friends that they won't find a better price on their old gold!!! Thanks Joel!!
Best Place to Buy and Sell! I have been a happy customer of Joel's for over 20 years! He and his staff are the nicest and most honest people I have ever dealt with in the jewelry business! I also sell my jewelry to Joel, and I am always confident that I will get the highest price! I would never go anywhere else! Thanks Joel!!!
Trustworthy I have been a customer of Joels for over 12 years now. You will never find anyone more honest or sincere in what he does. He is a definite "Gem"!
I had a gold bracelet I wanted to sell, and was unsure of where to go. I happened to come across Joels Gold store online and after looking into, I decided to go there. I was incredibly impressed with his store!! SO professional, and most importantly, HONEST!! I recommend his store to anyone looking to sell jewelry.